1920 Indian power plus “Daytona” $4,400.00


The bike we have here is our rendition of a 1920 Indian power plus “Daytona”, Done in a beautiful black, with hand cracked under-base and countless hours of detailed airbrush finishing to achieve that look of a well aged motorbike. Topped of with beautiful hand laid Silver-leaf script. The finish is all sealed, and there is no actual oil or grease. No fuel odors, and it will not leak. Authentic black Firestone style tires. Our own custom tig welded fuel tanks made from 1/4″ aluminum wont dent, or rust. The bike is fully functional and is powered by a 66cc two stroke motor. The bike runs great and will travel about 30MPH at around 80 MPG. Operation is simple with easy pedal start, and twist throttle. Everything on the bike is steel or aluminum, all tig welded. Max rider weight is shy of 220lbs, our tallest guy in the shop is 6’3 and rides these around all the time. These are not built however to survive the rough life of the original board track racers of the day. Nor are they meant for racing (though we do all the time). These are just fun little powered bikes that are great for the pits, car shows, and neighborhood cruises. Park it outside the local Pub if you’re feeling chatty. Just wildly fun affordable toys. Included with the bike is our own beautiful cast aluminum reproduction stand. Molded from originals, and cast here in the Midwest exclusively for us, they are great for display.