72V 5000W Aluminum Electric Off-road (Dirt) Bike Motorcycle For Adults. 45+ MPH $3,200.00


This bike gives you the biggest bang for your buck, look at the below specifications, with this electric bike you simply charge and your up and away, no messing about with oil changes or engine servicing, you charge your battery pack and your good to go, electric driven good for the environment and lots of fun, for hard-core enthusiasts and DIYers you have lots of option for future upgrades from motor type, size to controller, shocks, battery pack, there’s lots of modifications that can be done on this bike, it retains its value when you come to sell it, we have the parts if you need anything in the future, what else could you possibly want,
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Brushless 5000w high-performance Hub Motor, Super Neodymium Magnets
High-Performance pure sine wave inverter controller
72v 30Ah lithium ion battery
Lightweight High-Performance Air shocks
off-road tyres
Lightweight Alumimum Frame
5A Charger
LED Headlights
LCD Digital display
Package weight:123.21LBS
Net Weight:99LBS
IBIKY high power on & off-road Dirt bike

• 5000w 72v Sinewave Brushless Hub Motor & Controller
• 72v 30Ah Lithium Battery Pack, charge time approx. 6 hours,
• Top speed locked to ?mph, unlocked speed approx. depends rider weight and terrain
• Digital Colour LCD Display
• Dual Hydraulic Disk Brakes,
• Aluminium Front Shocks
• Hydraulic Rear Shock
• Lightweight Aluminium Frame
• PU leather hand stitched Motorbike style Seat
• 3-inch-wide off-road fat tires for extra grip and cool style
• Bike top speed has been limited and locked to 35 mph to make it road legal, unlock at your own risk and once unlocked will have to be for off-road use only, the top speed will depending on rider weight and terrain
• 3A battery charger, takes approx. 6 hours for a full charge
• The manufacture specifies the installed battery pack will provide approx. 30 miles of use depending on rider weight, terrain and riding style if used at full throttle,

Note: everything about this bike can be upgraded and modified in the future, from bigger motor and sinewave controller, to LCD display and lights, you can later contact us in the future for upgrade options

Package Content
1 X Electric Off-road Bike Motorcycle Dirt Bike Electric Bike