8000W Enduro Mountain Bike $3,449.98


ODBRO X1 75-200KM RANGE Electric Ebike/MotorcyleThe Future is here now with our ODBRO OD-X1 Electric Bicycle/Motorcycle. Forget about taking the Car and commute easy. Don’t sweat your A*# Off with your old pedal bicycle, with our ODBRO your commute to work will be a breeze! On the weekends you can use your Ebike for adventurous off road fun in the park and compete with your friends Bike’s. The first year your Ebike will Pay Off by itself with all the Gas You will Save. You can go two days without charging because of the Long 60-200KM of Range our X1 has and Full charge only takes about 5 hours. When fully charged our X1 has a range of 60-200KM (depending on what Battery pack) – Yes that’s up to 75KM with one charge with MAX speed of 110KM/H!