Hot Licks Exhaust Flamethrower Dual Exhaust Kit for Motorcycles $199.95


Hot Licks Flame Thrower Kit for Dual Exhaust

Hot Licks flame thrower kit for vehicles or motorcycles comes complete with everything you need to install the kit and shoot flames! Choose from Dual Exhaust or Single Exhaust Kits. Hot Licks flame thrower kits are designed with solid state electronic circuitry outlasting and outperforming all other kits on the market today and come with a lifetime warranty proving they are the leader in flame thrower technology.

– Choose from Dual or Single Exhaust Kits (duals have 2 spark plugs and single kits have 1)
– Detailed installation instructions and all mounting hardware
– Waterproof Solid State professionally manufactured Control Boxes with built in micro-coils
– CNC Machined exhaust spark plug holder
– High quality momentary push button with stainless button ring
– Nylon Electrical Terminals ( for easy wiring )
– Over 20 Foot of Primary Wire
– High Quality Hot Spark Plugs

How it works:
This kit requires drilling exhaust pipe and welding on the included spark plug holder.
Push button kills power to your motorcycle’s coil while power is still sent to the fuel pump forcing un-used fuel into the exhaust pipes. Simultaneously the push button activates the spark plugs mounted in the exhaust pipes causing flame to shoot out.

NOTE: Basic Hot Licks Exhaust Inc. does not guarantee that the Basic Hot Licks Exhaust Inc. Flame Thrower kit will work on all vehicles. Some modifications may be required. Email or call to make sure your application’s exhaust system is compatible with this kit before ordering if you have any reservations. **You cannot return this item if you attempt to install and cannot get it to work

Hot Licks Exhaust fitment

> 1- It will not work on anything ( cars, trucks, bike etc. ) with a catalytic converter whether EFI or carbureted. Works sometimes on catback exhaust, but only if it is an 8 cylinder and is hit or miss so no guarantees.

> 2- It will not work on 4 or 6 cylinder efi unless they have a supercharger or turbo.

> It works best on 8 cylinder carbureted engines averaging 24 inch blow torch style flames, sometimes 36 inch. Will work on anything with a carburetor (from a lawnmower to a straight 6 ), but the flames will only average 6-12 inches usually.

> Works best on open motorcycle exhaust. Baffled pipes are hit and miss . Stock efi bikes average 6-12 inches in flames while carbureted bikes average 12-24 inches. Efi bikes with programmers, cam work etc. average 12-24 inches.

> Cars with highly chambered mufflers like some flowmasters sometimes pop and backfire loudly. Works best on glass packs, but most of our customers do not have glasspacks.